Base Drive

  • Very low profile
  • excellent noise attenuation
  • current to 30 amps
  • safety agency compliance
1kW PC Mount SMPS transformer

500 watt to 5 kW SMPS Transformers

500 watt to 5 kW SMPS Transformers:West Coast Magnetics’ new WCM410-88,-70,-60, -50 series raise the bar for high power switch mode transformers. This new series was designed in order to achieve 50% more power density than other geometries currently available on the market, without sacrificing isolation. The core and bobbin are also suitable for safe UL/CSA/VDE coupling with medical grade isolation standards.

4 kW Chassis Mount

4 kW chassis mount: 4 kW of 50 kHz switching power? No problem. This chassis mount transformer really delivers: 500 volts in, 2600 volts out, 7000 volts of isolation, and 98% efficiency. WCM has designed SMPS transformers at much higher power levels, so contact us with your custom requirements.

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