Custom engineering solutions to
complex customer challenges.

When standard components don’t fit your needs, our teams will engineer a solution.
We design and manufacture custom transformers and inductors. We also provide start to
finish manufacturing of electronic assemblies.

Power + Filtering + RF + EMS

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We are pleased to announce the development and release of a new family of high power SMPS transformers and inductors utilizing new technology developed in our lab


Magnetics | Electronics Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing and test of high mix, high complexity electronic assemblies. Our R&D effort looks 2 generations
ahead to identify new technologies for smaller, more efficient magnetic components operating at higher frequencies.


WCM’s engineering staff is one of the world’s leading designers of sub 100 kVA transformers including RF/impedance matching,
SMPS and linear, isolation, base drive and current sensing.


We design/build first in class inductors and chokes for any RF, SMPS or low frequency requirement. We have one numerous
innovative design awards for our inductor designs.

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